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Our HVAC Protection Plan: 5 Benefits

It’s the middle of the night yet you’re wide-awake. Most people count sheep, but you always seem to end up counting your worries, stresses, fears, and anxieties.

You need to get back to sleep to tackle your day tomorrow — you just have too much on your mind. Wish you had just one less thing to worry about? We can help.

The Home Comfort Collection plan from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is a deluxe HVAC protection plan, which means you never need to worry about your HVAC system again.

Read on to see how the five benefits of a One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC protection plan mean you have one less thing to worry about.

One Hour Protection plans


Home Comfort Collection: the Basics

We offer three separate HVAC protection plans to meet your exact needs.

Contact us to get the full scoop on the Home Comfort Collection, but here’s the 30 second version of it.

We offer three plans:

Maintenance — This plan entitles you to 2 full system inspections, one for your heating system and one for your A/C system.

Maintenance & Repair — This plan entitles you to 2 full system inspections, and you never need to pay for service calls from our industry-best technicians. In addition you receive a $500 credit toward any repair (up to $2000 per year).

Maintenance & Repair Plus — This plan entitles you to 2 full system inspections, and you never need to pay for service calls from our industry-best technicians. In addition you receive a $500 credit toward any repair (up to $2000 per year) and a $500 credit towards a full system replacement.

Home Comfort Collection: the Benefits

Here’s how the Home Comfort Collection can help you sleep a little better at night.

  1. Restore HVAC Efficiency

A heating system check-up keeps your A/C or heating system running at maximum efficiency. Just like when it was new. Since heating and cooling are two of the biggest drains on the average American’s energy bill, keeping your system running smoothly can save you a little bit every month.

Maybe you’ll give up trying to count sheep and count the cash you’re saving instead.

  1. Catch and Prevent System Breakdowns

We know that while saving cash here and there is nice, the big unplanned expenses are really the ones that keep you up at night. Money you didn’t plan to spend — and money you don’t have. However, when it comes to your heat in the winter and your A/C in the summer, you don’t have much of choice.

When you are a Home Comfort Collection member, an expert HVAC will inspect your system to find and fix potential issues before they become costly and miserable. Feel better knowing that an expert HVAC technician has given your system a clean bill of health.

  1. Cleaner Air

With the millions upon millions of worries in the world, we doubt anybody is kept awake wondering if their air is clean enough.

Yet filthy air can make you feel sick, by aggravating your allergies and asthma.

So, how is the Home Comfort Collection involved?

Well, overtime dust and dirt accumulates on your HVAC system. If it isn’t cleaned, that dirt can end up in the air you breathe every day.

During your Home Comfort Collection check-ups our expert tech will make sure your system is spotless, helping to keep your air clean.

  1. Coverage in Emergency Situations

You have car insurance to get you back on the road in the event of a crash. You have homeowners insurance to keep you protected in the event of a fire. Shouldn’t you have some coverage to keep you comfortable in the event of an HVAC breakdown?

While our protection plan isn’t insurance, it does guarantee you don’t shoulder the financial burden of a system breakdown alone.

  1. True “Set It and Forget It” Relief

In a world where you need to remember absolutely everything, we’ll be the ones to remember you. When you sign up for the Home Comfort Collection, you get the guarantee that expert HVAC technicians will set up the appointments to come to you — to guarantee everything works and everything will continue to work.

Sign Up for an HVAC Protection Plan Today

If we just take one thing off your plate — just take one thing away from that list of worries — we’ll have done our job.

For the price of dinner out once every month, you can enjoy the 5 benefits of the Home Comfort Collection. The 1,000+ homeowners in our area who swear by it know, we keep you in the best hands.

Contact us for the full scoop on the Home Comfort Collection HVAC protection plan.

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